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From being a movie promotion company to full blown movie production company, Bigprint Pictures has travelled a long way while picking up the various nuances of the entire canvas of film making and distribution.


It has been a memorable journey with every passing day being a moment to cherish my life time and a new learning experience. This industry has taught me to be a keen learner and observer of life evolving around me


2 Decades of experience and the many takeaways from the industry has given me the courage, conviction and determination to bring quality films for the audience and in that journey I am quite excited of the movies we got associated in various capacity

I take this opportunity to thank all my well-wishers, Team, Cast, Crew, Technicians, Distributors, Media and all members of the industry without you this would not have been possible


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With the experience accumulated over the last 2 Decades, we bring to the table our rich network of Investors, Artists, Crew, Distributors, OTT Providers and the entire spectrum of the industry eco-system to help you carry your DREAMS into LIMELIGHT

At Bigprint Pictures we keep our focus simple. For us it is always to stay YOUNG, VIBRANT & CREATIVE

Some dreams that became REALITY

Our Success lies in the Journey


Our greatest advantage is we have responsible experts as Tower Heads managing every department of making a movie. Being a team of young and creative professionals, we use technology to bring efficiency in the process of film making.

Bigprint is different ?

Bigprint Pictures has clearly mastered the evolving landscape of the industry and hence has invested rightly in Team, Technology & Talent
Our Digital Assistant Chatbot helps you connect with our Core Team in a better manner rather than waiting for endless hours


Carefully identify the script, line up marketable artists & technicians and help them with right opportunities


Our in-house Production Unit is experienced and can help you assemble and produce for every budget


The identified Talents are enrolled for the Workshop where they will be trained for bringing the best out of their raw talent

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The greatest advantage working with Bigprint Pictures is their ability & experience in bringing the product to the market


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